Andrea Constable

‘Back to school day’ was a lesson for us parents

A lot has changed since many parents were last in a classroom – and an immersive day can allow them to experience those innovations first-hand

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When I was at school, I only ever went to the front of the class to get the belt. Things have changed a lot since then, as I discovered when I (and 23 other parents) attended the “Bring your Parent to School Day” at Boroughmuir High in Edinburgh.

At registration, I was told that our “class” of adults would follow a timetable as if we were S1s, and we would be treated the same as the real pupils. Over the day, I was made to line up outside classrooms, chastised for my lack of uniform and told to raise my hand to ask questions – no change there from the 1970s.

So what has changed? Firstly, they ...

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