Simon Creasey

‘Can anybody out there hear us?’

School funding is in crisis, but the sector has been unable to get the public to fight its case or, as the latest Budget shows, to persuade the government to address the problem. Simon Creasey asks why the protests over education’s lack of funds don’t match the cries against the underfunding of that other bastion of public service, the NHS

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It’s not as if they haven’t tried. The unions, heads and governors, that is. They’ve made the right noises: asking parents for handouts, warning of chronic staff shortages, threatening strikes and even predicting a four-day week.

But the public – and the editors in charge of national newspapers and radio and television news running orders – don’t seem to get it. Schools in financial crisis…it’s an education story, right? Or a local story? Page 5, 10, 20? The very occasional front page seems to be given in sympathy, or necessity. “Chuck the ‘schools with no money’ story in.”

And the public ...

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