Simon Creasey

Can we trust AI to teach children to read?

Artificial intelligence is muscling in on the reading tuition market, so how long is it until the process of teaching pupils to read is handed over to a machine? Simon Creasey finds that a wholesale takeover is unlikely, but a role for software is likely to be found

Can we trust the robots to teach children to read?

You can hear the child reading as you walk down the corridor. The child stops occasionally and discusses an unknown word or a mispronunciation with the teacher, and then carries on with the story.

Everything seems to be going well, so you glance into the classroom as you pass, rather than popping in and interrupting. But as you do, you stop in confusion: the child is alone at the desk by the door. The teacher is working with the small groups scattered around the room. 

On closer inspection, the “person” the child seems to be reading to – and discussing pronunciation with – is not ...

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