Catch-up quick fixes disregard school staff needs

Talk of lengthening the school day or reconfiguring the calendar to help students make up for lost education time is misguided. What teachers and pupils really need is a break

Catch-up quick fixes disregard school staff needs

It is now more than a year since the first Tes articles about the coronavirus pandemic were published. Yet, way back in February 2020, Covid-19 still seemed like a distant peal of thunder here in Scotland. At that stage, it didn’t feel – even if dispassionate scrutiny of data might have persuaded you otherwise – as if the pandemic would lead to a seismic change in Scottish schools.

A sense of urgency wasn’t likely to be fuelled by memories of how Sars and swine flu never amounted (relatively) to all that much on these shores, and, 12 months ago, “it’s no worse than the flu” became a common ...

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