Henry Hepburn

CfE: can we set it free?

It’s been a decade since Scotland adopted Curriculum for Excellence – and there’s been a widespread narrative of failure around it ever since. But last month new research suggested that CfE might be taking Scottish education in the right direction. And now that the Covid-19 crisis has raised the prospect of exam reform, many educationalists are hopeful that the obstacles to CfE success could finally be removed, writes Henry Hepburn

CfE: can we set it free?

Is Curriculum for Excellence getting its second wind? CfE, as a concept, has appeared rather beleaguered for some time now, with even the most supportive rhetoric sounding laboured. Proponents have had to perform a rearguard action as education has become increasingly politicised, ever since Nicola Sturgeon declared it her top priority upon becoming first minister in 2014. Partisan critics have feasted on successive disappointing results for Scotland from Pisa (the Programme for International Student Assessment) that have fuelled their narratives of steep decline in Scottish education. Even ...

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