Sarah Simons

Chasing the thrill of learning will make us better teachers

Learning shouldn’t be a luxury: it has the potential to invigorate teachers, helping them rediscover the joy of their profession

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I know exactly how my life would be if I was a university student. I’d hole up in the mahogany-panelled Ghostbusters library, immersed in old, leathery texts. After losing myself in ideas for hours on end, I’d whip on a woolly scarf (it’s always autumn at my university) and dash off down Diagon Alley to a lecture by Indiana Jones one day, or Stephen Hawking the next. On the way home, I’d stop off for a quick protest with 1960s Germaine Greer before skipping back to my campus dorm to invent Facebook. I might also slay vampires if I’ve time before the next Ghostbusters library, immersed in old ...

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