Henry Hepburn

An ‘intense’ term looms for teachers and pupils alike

Anxious weeks lie ahead for secondary teachers as they prepare to evaluate students’ qualifications in line with SQA guidelines, writes Henry Hepburn

Covid and exams: This term will be 'intense' for schoos, with SQA guidelines to follow for assessment, writes Henry Hepburn

What word best describes how the weeks ahead will be for people who work and learn in schools? From the plethora of options, could it be “intense” ?

As the Line of Duty credits rolled on Sunday night, and the reality of the days ahead began to bite, that was one description that was conspicuous on social media. “Tomorrow marks the start of the most intense teaching term of my career,” wrote one secondary teacher. Another said that, while they were looking forward to seeing pupils and colleagues – and feeling something like normal again – they were not so keen on “what will clearly be the ...

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