Jared Cooney Horvath

Education research should respect the experts: teachers

Academics’ complaints that their theories have been ‘misinterpreted’ fail to recognise the crucial role teachers must play in putting them to the test, says Jared Cooney Horvath

Education research ivory tower

In a feature for Tes last year (“Emergent complexity…or why lab-based education research tells only half the story”, 14 June), I outlined the process of “prescriptive translation”. Specifically, we learned that laboratory data can’t directly drive teacher practice. Rather, if we hope to uncover the practical utility of theories, academic research must first be redefined, adapted and tested by teachers within their unique contexts.

A recent Tes Podagogy podcast highlighted this issue. Talking to Tes commissioning editor Jon Severs, Professor John Hattie (doubtless spurred by increasing ...

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