Steve Eddison

For a giant step forward, visit the natural wonders

Museums are fine, but they’re a proxy classroom. To make maths, geography, history, technology, art and storytelling come alive, you’re better off heading outdoors

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“A strangely gullible race of people known as geologists perpetuate a set of misguided beliefs about how these rocks were formed,” says Keith, our guide. “They would have us believe that, 60 million years ago, volcanic activity beneath the Earth’s crust caused magma to erupt into the ocean where it cooled and fractured into long, hexagonal-shaped columns of basalt. This of course is a load of old nonsense. If that were true, why is it called the Giant’s Causeway?”

It occurs to me that a visit to a place like this should be the starting point for all learning. No virtual journey along the ...

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