Alison Peacock

Hit the pause button in your career and take lessons in life

We speak of teachers ‘leaving the profession’ as if it is impossbile for them to ever return – but, actually, they can come back to the classroom rejuvenated after a break to pursue other life experiences

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Last year, I came across the work of Lisen Stromberg in the United States. She was working as a journalist and decided to write about the impact, particularly on women, of choosing to start a family. Her book Work, Pause, Thrive was an overnight success. Her position of “pausing” one’s career is refreshing and enabling.

When I had our two daughters, I wanted to pause my career to be a full-time mother. I was fortunate that our family circumstances allowed me to afford this and, in fact, it was seven years before I returned to full-time teaching. During that time, I learned so much about ...

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