Tony Little

How can we train teenagers to stay safe online?

Frauds and fakes have been around since the beginning of time. But, in a digital age, they are tougher to spot – and it is much easier for scams and hoaxes to proliferate. Being a teenager today is arguably harder than ever before because of this, says former school leader Tony Little, who argues that critical-thinking skills are the most important thing we can teach our young people as they navigate the information super-highway

Coronavirus school closures: Remote learning can't replace a teacher in a classroom, writes Michael Tidd

After more than 40 years of dealing with adolescents pretty much every day – as teacher, parent, boarding housemaster and headmaster – I believed I knew a thing or two about this frustrating and exhilarating phase of the human condition. I felt as though I had experienced most permutations of bewildered and bewildering behaviour, both from adolescents and from the adults around them. And then I met Dr Herb Etkin.

Herb has been one of the top child and adolescent psychiatrists in the country: a person called upon to give expert witness in difficult legal cases involving young people. His ...

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