Grainne Hallahan

How to lead a successful RSE consultation with parents


Headteachers fear that the obligation to consult parents about their school’s policy for teaching relationships education will create tensions and anxiety for all involved. Grainne Hallahan looks at how they can meet their obligations with as little unrest as possible

Don't get caught in the parent trap

The parents are gathered for their sex talk. Everyone knew it was coming, but it’s still awkward. Some have small slips of paper with the point they want to make scribbled upon it – they’re sat poised on the front row. Some have decided to listen and watch, and only speak up if they really have to. Some are hovering at the back, hoping it’s over quickly so they can go back to pretending all this sex stuff doesn’t exist.

Outside the doors to the hall, the headteacher waits, eyeing the crowd. She knows what she wants to say, knows what she wants to do, but also knows that the next hour is ...

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