Jessica Powell

How schools can support teenage literacy


Children don’t suddenly stop needing support for reading and writing once they leave primary school, yet there is little in the way of resources or training for secondary staff whose students are struggling. Jessica Powell talks to Jessie Ricketts about the challenges many teenagers face and what all teachers – not just those in English departments – should be doing to help

How secondary schools can support teenage students' literacy

After six years of intense literacy training in primary schools, the assumption of the system is that the vast majority of children should be able to read and write to a level that means they can access the secondary curriculum.

The reality, however, is that a significant minority do not reach that standard. And what happens to those pupils next is something researchers and teachers are desperately trying to address.

Jessie Ricketts, director of the Language and Reading Acquisition Lab at Royal Holloway, University of London, is leading the way in this area.

Together with a group of ...

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