Jon Hutchinson

How to set your own ‘nonsense threshold’

In the rush to make teaching as effective as possible, school leaders are rooting out any practice that is proven to be poorly evidenced. But are we in danger of driving out staff who teach well most of the time in order to weed out the odd misstep? Jon Hutchinson thinks so, and proposes a ‘tolerant’ solution…

Thinking hats and Brain Gym: what's the threshold for educational nonsense

Thursday afternoons are always tough: everyone’s tired but they can’t quite taste the weekend yet. So, as far as teaching goes, Thursday afternoon is about as hard as it gets.

But that doesn’t seem to be bothering the teacher I’m watching now. Despite my dropping in to observe a lesson just after lunch, they have the class in the palm of their hand. Every eye in the room is fixated on their animated and clear explanation, which is deftly breaking down a complex topic step by step. Every ear is hanging on every word – and I must admit that I’m learning a thing or two myself.

I wonder this ...

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