Helene Mulholland

How teachers are working out workload for themselves

In recent weeks, the government has pledged to tackle teacher workload – fearful of its impact on the recruitment crisis. But many at the chalkface remain doubtful that their burden will get any lighter. Hélène Mulholland investigates how schools have been taking matters into their own hands – reviewing gruelling marking policies and setting strict limits on working hours

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Louise Atkinson’s mental health suffered because of her “horrendous” 65-hour working week

“It was that feeling of never being able to complete your list,” the primary school teacher from north Cumbria remembers. “I am a conscientious person and I care desperately about the job that I do. But it was just feeling like you are constantly being flooded with more and more and never being able to complete anything that you’re supposed to do.”

Atkinson’s experience testifies to the slew of data, surveys and reports that all lead to one inescapable conclusion – teachers have too much work to do.


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