Steve Eddison

I lay down in front of the Tank to stop plagiarism

Years ago, as a school pupil, I took a beating in the name of protecting my own copyright – but these days copying someone else’s work isn’t even seen as cheating

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“Slowlly and majesticlly with gaint wing beats what shook the air Derik the blud draggon rose into the perple and red sky.” Cody’s story opening differs from Siobhan’s only in that hers describes a regular dragon called Hedwig and her spelling and punctuation is better. Siobhan is not entirely pleased about the obvious similarities but what can she do? Cody didn’t steal her words. Her teacher used them as a good example and he decided to “magpie” them.

Many primary schools no longer worry about children copying the work of others. Sharing the fruits of someone else’s labours isn’t cheating any ...

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