Bill Lowe

It’s vital to keep a civil tongue in your head

We all have stories about ‘rude’ senior colleagues, but as schools change, so too must the qualities that make a good manager, urges former headteacher Bill Lowe

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Hands up if you think a senior colleague has been rude to you? OK, quite a few of you. How about if there has been a time when someone above you in the hierarchy has been offhand or dismissive? Yes, some more there, I notice. And for those of you who’ve been in the job for some time: has this got worse over the years? Thought so.

You are not alone. The Harvard Business Review reports that rudeness in the workplace is on the increase, and a lot of us who work in schools will recognise this. Incivility causes damage. The research, based on the opinions of 800 leaders, found that workers who had ...

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