John Stanier

Keeping change on track – even when others try to derail you

Five years ago, when John Stanier’s school scrapped subject teaching in Year 7, no one predicted the government’s overhaul of the curriculum – or knew whether change could be sustained in the face of it

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When my school first became an academy, we took the chance to make some dramatic changes to our curriculum. The biggest of these was completely scrapping subjects in Year 7 and replacing them with a project-based learning curriculum called the learner’s baccalaureate (LBacc).

Avid Tes readers may recall an article I wrote a couple of years ago, outlining the new curriculum and our reasons for introducing it (Tes, 4 September 2015). When I was first commissioned to write the piece, I promised to report back on our progress in two years’ time. Let it not be said that I am a man who goes back on ...

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