Kate Bottley

Leave young, learn later

Many people aren't ready for the next phase of their educational lives at 16 – so why do we insist on putting young people through it?

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In my day job as a vicar, I love doing weddings. When I started here five years ago, I did about six a year. I now do about 25.

The other day, after marrying the gorgeous Rachel and Tim, I walked out of church to the usual throng, including the chauffeur of a vintage Rolls Royce, who could have been Noah’s grandad, he was that old.

Without so much as a hello, he pointed directly at me and shouted, “You’re young!”

“Actually, I’m in my forties,” I replied. He retorted with: “A lady shouldn’t reveal her age.” “No, and a gentleman shouldn’t shout at people in churchyards,” I muttered.

Being a ...

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