Amy Byrne

Meet the teacher breaking down gender barriers in EYFS

When the girls in a class flock to the home corner while the boys head for the construction zone, it may be time to step in. But what practical actions can educators take to challenge stereotypical roles? Amy Byrne has some ideas

How to break down gender barriers in EYFS

Most teachers are now aware enough of the harm of gender stereotyping that they have largely banished it from the classroom, but how far is your EYFS provision still split between boys and girls when it comes to certain activities?

It’s not uncommon to see girls flock to the home corner and boys to set up camp in the construction zone – and that’s a big problem, says Amy Byrne, an early years teacher who has recently completed a master’s in early years education.

She embarked on a project to try to break down those gender barriers. We caught up with her to find out how it went.



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