Paul Young

Miss Mullings and Mr Barnard by Paul Young

The 80s pop idol fondly recalls one ‘motherly’ teacher who invited him to tea, and another who gave him his first-ever gig in the school hall

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After attending Crawley Green Infants and Ramridge Primary School in Luton, I moved to Ashcroft High School in 1967. At that time, the school was going through a transition, moving from an all-girls’ to mixed-school status.

During the four years I spent at Ashcroft, I was lucky to have two approachable and caring form teachers: Miss Mullings and Mr Barnard.

Miss Mullings was a motherly kind of figure who taught English and history. Although I wasn’t the best pupil academically, I was pretty good at English language and literature. When it came to words, I must have had a photographic memory ...

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