Steve Eddison

Mitchell’s left red-faced by his body of artwork

The first lesson to learn in the history of art is ‘school paints are not the same as face paints’

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It started with The Weeping Woman, and ended with an entire class of eight- and nine-year-olds laughing hysterically. Who would have thought Picasso’s portrait of his mistress Dora Maar would inspire such radical creativity and artistic ingenuity in a boy like Mitchell? It’s almost a pity to ask him to destroy the fruits of his genius, but unfortunately the world is not ready for it. 

I suspect Mitchell’s mum won’t be either. 

“What do you think she will say if she comes to pick you up from school and sees that?” I ask. His reply is a grin. At least I think it’s a grin. It’s hard to read ...

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