Abigail Croot

Moving to a private school saved my teaching career

The big difference between state and independent schools isn’t to do with arcane traditions or dress codes – it’s money. It’s as simple as that, says Abigail Croot

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I work at a private school. There, I said it. I often come in for criticism, even from close friends working in the state sector. I am often made to feel that somehow I am not deemed a “proper” teacher, that I don’t feel the same strains and pressures; I am living a cushy life in a protective little bubble. I have endless holidays, I have small class sizes, I work in a stately home. And yes, in many ways that is the truth, but are the pressures so different? Is working in a private school so great? Well, it has certainly saved my teaching career.

It all comes down to one thing (doesn’t it ...

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