Jo Brighouse

Natter or clatter? Making up still divides the sexes

Boys and girls both fall in and out of friendship easily – but the ways in which they want to resolve conflict are telling, writes Jo Brighouse

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I was having trouble with the girls again. Molly and Poppy, who had been thick as thieves since the Easter holidays, were now unravelling faster than an Andrex puppy’s toilet roll.

The source of the friendship breakdown was traced back to Lizzie, who overheard Molly say she didn’t want to take part in the talent show with Poppy and faithfully reported this back to Poppy.

Esme sprung to Lizzie’s defence by confirming that Molly had been ignoring both her and Lizzie, and giving them “looks”. Molly admitted this was partly true but only because Chloe had told her to.

We sent for Chloe, who ...

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