James Pembroke

‘RAISE: a cautionary tale’ is a tragicomedy to avoid

Tes' data doctor marks the passing of the RAISE performance report with a dramatic retelling of its pitfalls

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RAISE is no more. The performance report has been scrapped and a replacement is being developed. But, as a reminder of RAISE’s bewildering colour coding, I would like to share a scene from my new play, entitled RAISE: a cautionary tale.

(We open in a head’s office. A DfE representative has come to visit.)

Headteacher: Let me make sure I remember this correctly. Blue means results are significantly below average and green is significantly above. Right?

DfE: No. It’s red and green now.

H: OK. So, red is significantly below, and green is significantly above. Got it.

DfE: Unless it’s prior ...

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