Will Hazell

‘She was so badly kicked and bruised, you would be hard-pressed to see the colour of her skin’

Tales of pupils and parents attacking teachers are making national headlines – and the scale of the problem is putting people off the profession for life. Will Hazell asks whether schools are doing enough to safeguard their staff against violence

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The teacher whose jaw was broken by a secondary school student. The teacher threatened with a piece of jagged glass by a nine-year-old child. The headteacher kicked so hard by a pupil that it cracked a bone.

These are just some of the shocking cases of violence that have been meted out to teachers working in British schools by pupils and parents over the past few years. And the effects on those subjected to such attacks last much longer than it takes broken bones to knit back together.

“It makes you sick to the pit of your stomach,” says Mark McCadden, headteacher of Birdham Primary School in ...

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