Emma Seith

Should primary pupils transition to secondary school earlier?

At one school in Glasgow, primary-aged children move up to secondary a year early, enabling greater subject choice and access to specialist teachers. So, as the debate ramps up over the narrowing of the curriculum in high school, should we be looking again at the age of transition? Emma Seith reports

Should school transitioning start earlier?

Learning to tell the time in French is plain sailing until you get beyond half past the hour when “it starts to get weird” as you have to do a bit of maths, says modern languages teacher Mairéad Cranie to her class. The French do not talk about “25 to six” or “quarter to six”, she explains. If you translate the French literally, they say “six hours minus 25”, or “six hours minus a quarter”.

While this may be a strange concept for native English speakers to grasp, Cranie’s class cottons on quickly.

It is mid-morning on a Thursday. Before French, these pupils had Latin, and before that ...

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