Teaching under Prevent: ‘Reports say Prevent does not tackle right-wing extremism – that is simply not true’

For this special issue, TES asked a broad selection of teachers to describe their experience of working under the duty. In this article, an anonymous school leader shares their story

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I have been aware of pockets of right-wing extremism in my local area since I was a student. The sixth-form college I attended had a swastika daubed on one of the round windows that looked into the canteen area and I heard, through friends, of incidents such as that at a local school where a female, Muslim teacher had been repeatedly followed home by a group of young, white men. “We know where you live,” a student had casually remarked to her in lesson, the threat implicit but very real.

Now, as a teacher, I am more aware of events such as the annual organised marches by right-wing groups ...

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