Carly Page

Is there a case for psychometric testing in FE?

Aptitude assessments can help colleges to understand a student’s strengths and attributes, along with any additional support that they may need. But before introducing such tests, care must be taken to establish their integrity and any results should be viewed with caution, finds Carly Page

Is there a case for psychometric testing in FE?

Laura stares at her test results. For once, she doesn’t feel anxious about the marks she has got. That’s because the test she just sat wasn’t to determine whether she is “good” or “bad” at something, or even how much she has learned. Instead, the test is designed to tell her more about her personality traits, and how these might align with future career options.

Psychometric tests, often referred to as aptitude tests, are designed to give an objective measure of a person’s skills and attributes. There is a huge variety of such tests available, but they tend to fall into two broad categories ...

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