John Stanier

#ToYouFromTes: The day I hitched a ride on the highway to hell

After reports of infernal student behaviour on the school bus multiplied, headteacher John Stanier decided to hop aboard to see for himself

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It was when I was queuing up, alongside the students, waiting for the bus that the doubts started to creep in. Why had I agreed to brave the school bus ride? Alone?

“Are you catching this to see how badly we behave, sir?” one child asked me. I turned to face him. The truth was: sort of. But there were other reasons, too.

For hundreds of thousands of children, the school bus is their first and last experience of school every day. If a child has a safe and happy journey to school then they are well prepared for a day’s learning. If the journey is unpleasant and stressful then it could lead to ...

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