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Unhealthy, unfit and unhappy: a timebomb ticks in the profession

The shocking findings of a Tes poll of teachers show that nearly all respondents claim the job is having a bad effect on their wellbeing – and that schools are doing little to support their health

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Teaching is bad for your health. That’s the overwhelming message from a Tes survey of more than 4,000 teachers, conducted last month. The job negatively affects your fitness, your ability to maintain a healthy diet and your wellbeing, respondents told us. The chief reasons? Workload. Lack of time. And tiredness.

It would be tempting to simply lay these issues at the doors of schools and the government, and tell them to fix it. After all, teachers can only do as much as the restrictions on their time allow – and those restrictions are largely imposed upon them by those in charge.

The ...

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