Will Hazell

‘We need to be excited about teaching, proud about it, appreciative of it’

Paul Drechsler, head of the CBI and chair of Teach First, talks to Will Hazell about his admiration for teachers and his concerns that the profession is being let down by chronic negativity, short-termism and a tendency to place ideology above evidence

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Paul Drechsler could well be Britain’s most enthusiastic cheerleader for teachers. “The most important – the most important – role in this country, if you care about the future of this country, is to be a teacher,” the president of the Confederation of British Industries says with utter conviction. “No question.”

But Drechsler – who is also the chair of Teach First – thinks the profession is being let down by a toxic combination of national negativity, the elevation of ideology over evidence and chronic short-termism.

He wants society to shout its praises of teachers from the rooftops. And he ...

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