Joanna Rose

A ‘wet break’ means the children kick up a storm

The announcement of an indoor break on a rainy day sends children into a whirlwind of excitement – you might as give up at this point

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There are no words in the primary school lexicon less welcome than “wet break”. (Except, perhaps, “Ms Rose, I can’t stop scratching my head.”) Given the amount of rain we enjoy in this country, you could be forgiven for assuming we’d be a bit more stoic. Since coming to work in a primary school, however, that “rainy day feeling” has taken on a whole new meaning. I’m not proud of it, but I have begun to hate rain.

It’s hard to say why wet breaks cause such euphoria among the children. Perhaps it’s the heady sense of freedom they experience from being indoors without a teacher’s scrutiny.

Perha ...

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