Mark Roberts

When poster lessons become unstuck

While giving a difficult English class a drawing-based activity helped Mark Roberts through a few tight spots on Friday afternoons, the fatal flaw in his plans soon became apparent

When posters come unstuck

Someone must have harboured a grudge against me. I knew I had done nothing wrong, yet, when I looked at my timetable at the start of September, I saw that I was going to be teaching English to class 10X, period 5, on a Friday.

It was as bad as I’d feared. Each Friday morning throughout that NQT year, I’d scrabble around, desperate to find a lesson resource that would get me through the hour unscathed. I was running out of ideas until someone in the department uttered the immortal advice: “Get ’em to do a poster lesson. Head down to reprographics. Pilfer a few massive sheets of sugar paper ...

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