Stephen Exley

Why FE college groups could be heading for catastrophe

Over the past decade, the spread of multi-academy trusts has transformed the school landscape. Colleges, meanwhile, are still constrained by legal structures designed more than a quarter of a century ago. These pose challenges for accountability and transparency – and fears are growing that the unintended consequences could lead to a catastrophic failure in the sector. Stephen Exley reports

Could colleges be heading for catastrophe?

A class of students is sitting an exam. Naturally, some will do better than others. But what if they were all guaranteed to end up with the same grade? And what if this grade were based on the mark achieved by the lowest-performing individual?

Most people would be likely to conclude that this was a deeply unfair system. Why should an individual not be recognised for their own hard work? Why should everyone in the class end up with the same mark just because they share the same teacher when, in, fact they are all performing at different levels? And why should everyone see their performance ...

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