Helen Ward

‘Why must we label primary children as failures?’

Just when children are facing the biggest upheaval of their life, the move up to secondary, primaries are required by law to tell their parents if they have failed to meet the expected standard in their Sats tests. Warnings about the impact that this news can have on vulnerable children appear to have fallen on deaf ears, reports Helen Ward

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You're running a marathon. As you approach the halfway mark, you can see runners ahead being spurred on by people waving signs saying how well they’re doing.

Now it’s your turn. But as you puff past 13 miles, the spectators are booing and telling you that you’ve failed.

Still feeling good?

At Year 6, children have seven years of education behind them – and another seven to go. They’re facing their biggest challenge so far – the transition to secondary school.

But as they leave primary, schools must by law tell their parents whether they have met – or failed to meet – expectations.

“I think ...

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