Chris Parr

Why teachers should give pupils a warm welcome


Enthusiastic and elaborate ways of greeting students at the classroom door are constant viral hits, but do they actually make any difference to what goes on in the classroom? Chris Parr finds that a word at the door is more powerful than you might think

Why teachers should give pupils a warm welcome

TikTok users love a video showing greetings at the classroom door. You get thousands of likes and comments for videos of teachers high-fiving students, shaking hands with students, doing individual short routines with students, even dancing with students.

It’s nothing new, of course: such videos existed on other platforms long before TikTok rose to social media royalty. One viral video, of US primary teacher Jerusha Willenborg, who memorised an individual handshake for each and every one of her pupils as they came through her door, has now been viewed more than 9 million times on YouTube ...

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