Jessica Powell

Is your pedagogy prejudiced?


It’s undeniable that the content of a curriculum can propagate prejudice against people on the grounds of everything from their race to their sex or sexual orientation. But could the way that we teach be problematic, too? Jessica Powell investigates what teachers can do to make sure that their teaching methods don’t exclude particular groups of pupils

Is your pedagogy prejudiced?

As arms were being raised, as statues were being toppled and as protesters marched, teachers began to look at how they, too, could contribute to the huge social change of the Black Lives Matter movement – and for the most part their instinct was to examine content.

It made sense: distortions in the substance of what we teach – the “facts of our lives” – have underpinned many of the discussions around BLM, not just in terms of what is missing from curricula, but what has been distorted, misapplied and reworked to hide the suffering of black people and to make the transgressions of white ...

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