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Tes - 18 January 2019

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Classroom cheat sheet: Ofsted’s curriculum plans

This week: Ofsted’s curriculum plans If someone says... "For God’s sake, why is Ofsted in the news again?” You say... "It’s all to do with its new plans to refocus inspection on curriculum. Ofsted...

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Don’t worry, here are 3 ways to stop anxiety

Whether it’s about an important meeting, a social situation or something we said to a colleague an hour earlier, we all worry. It can be persistent, uncontrollable and, at times, paralysing. It’s...

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How to be a critical friend

Delivering criticism can feel like playing with fire, but these proven techniques will enable you to reach a constructive outcome rather than fanning the flames of discontent, writes Simon Creasey

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Is this presumed knowledge which I see before me?

Consistency in teaching and curriculum throughout secondary ensures that students’ earlier learning supports their later achievement, Josie Stacks argues. She explains how emphasising key concepts in...

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Riddle of the rural idyll

The crisis in teacher recruitment and retention presents a particular challenge for small schools in remote areas, one that is compounded by social and geographical isolation, a lack of affordable...

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Scissor happy

The hair and beauty industry contributes £7.5 billion a year to the British economy and is expected to create 117,000 jobs a year by 2023. Yet this popular and diverse sector remains a much maligned...

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Snow days can lead to a flurry of romances

What is the most tantalising phrase heard at this time of year? It’s when a weather forecaster mentions the “s” word – but then adds “falling on higher ground”. For some colleagues I have known, snow...

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Student loans for college learners?

Student loans for all FE students are inching towards becoming a reality. The government’s review of post-18 education and funding is due to publish its report over the coming weeks. It has been...

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Tes focus on…Closing the attainment gap

Efforts to close the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their wealthier peers appear to be having minimal impact. The problem, US expert Robert Slavin tells Chris Parr, is that governments have...

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The week in books: 18 January 2019

Secret Science Dara Ó Briain Scholastic, £12.99 ISBN: 9781407188140 Dara Ó Briain leads young readers through the science of everyday life using his scientific expertise and sharp sense of humour,...

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What it’s like to teach in… Macedonia

At 6.30am, I go to the bus station. If you saw the minivan I get to school, you’d think it was from a museum. It breaks down often, and we end up trapped on the road for hours. I travel from the city...

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When ‘moral panic’ becomes your problem

The research is clear: positive touch is crucial to the emotional development of children. And yet, in schools, high-profile safeguarding failures and cultural movements such as #MeToo have seen touch...

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Why we all need to speak mathematics

The anti-maths brigade may argue quadratic equations have no practical application, but the subject offers us something far more artistic and elemental, writes Kester Brewin

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Why we’re obsessed with bums on seats

I’ve heard the phrase “bums on seats” a lot in colleges. It comes up in conversations when staff are faced with something so unworkable that the only explanation could be the single-minded pursuit of...

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