Tes issue 8 March 2019

Tes - 08 March 2019

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Attention seek

Attention-seek and ye shall not find

“They’re just doing it for attention.” This is the most unhelpful sentence in the behaviour lexicon. I do appreciate where it comes from. It arises in situations, I suspect, where a child is being...

Are you getting your primary classroom displays right?

Classroom cheat sheet: Classroom displays

This week: Classroom displays If someone says.. ."Have you seen my new displays? I was up all night for weeks designing them: I’ve got a fountain of knowledge in one corner (with real running water)...

Women teachers should aim to be '10 per cent braver', suggests Sue Cowley

Could being 10% braver lead to your bravo moment?

We often associate “being brave” with going into battle or surviving extreme adversity. But what if we were to redefine it in personal terms, as something that anyone can be? The phrase “10 per cent...

As he departs teaching in FE, Tom Starkey bids a fond farewell to college life

Farewell, FE ... you’ve given me so much joy

So, I’m saying goodbye to teaching in FE. It’s bittersweet. At a time when I truly thought that I was done with the whole teaching malarkey, FE provided somewhere that helped me regain my confidence –...

Teachers can use the TV show Walking With Dinosaurs as a way to 'hide' Sats revision

Five tips to get your pupils ready for Sats

It’s officially silly season, or as others may know it: Sats. This week, key stage 2 leader Lucy Moss shared her five tips to make sure that, this time, the lead up to the tests is more successful...

Dancing helps learning - so maybe we need to start throwing some shapes in break time, writes Simon Creasey

How dancing can help children learn

Research suggests that dancing has a positive impact on learning – and, as Simon Creasey finds, we really need to collectively start throwing some shapes in the school yard


Is phonics for adults 'infantilising'?

The method for teaching literacy, commonly used in primary schools, is set to become a key part of functional skills tuition in FE. Roshan Doug worries that its introduction will have an adverse...

Happy Girl Lucky book cover

The Week in Books: 8 March 2019

Happy Girl Lucky Holly Smale HarperCollins, £7.99 ISBN: 9780008254148 Holly Smale’s The Valentines series will fly off our shelves – and rightly so. The first one, Happy Girl Lucky , is surprisingly...

Tes Week in Quotes: 8 March 2019

The week in quotes: 8 March 2019

“Careers advice has thankfully moved on from my school days, where I once did a multiple-choice test and was told I should work in catering. Good careers education is such a valuable asset that will...

Would teachers benefit from work experience placements in different industries?

We should send teachers out on work experience, too

Amy* has been teaching for five years. She spent the first couple of years learning the ropes, building up her confidence, building a rapport with her colleagues and students. She deploys her teaching...

One science teacher explains what it is like to teach in Jordan

What it’s like to teach in Jordan

At my school, we work in a two-shift system owing to a lack of funds and overcrowding. My students – 900 refugee girls aged between 6 and 16 – start the day at 6.45am and finish at 12.30pm. First on...

School pets have a positive impact on pupils' wellbeing, research shows

Why you'd be barking to dismiss school pets

Class pets are nothing new, but having a canine confidante for children leads to some surprising emotional benefits – and there’s a pile of research to prove it, writes Donna Carlyle

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