Tes issue 24 May 2019

Tes - 24 May 2019

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Do three-year GCSEs help students?

Do three-year GCSEs help or hinder students?

Many heads insist that they should be given free reign to teach GCSEs over three years – after all, up to three-quarters of them are already doing so – and claim the extra year helps to unlock pupils’...

But what about education?

The cupboard is bare for Damian Hinds

This government apparently has no more major announcements to make on education – but it has failed to tackle the biggest issues, writes Ed Dorrell

Why colleges should embrace risk

Why college leaders should embrace risk

With the funding picture anything but rosy, it’s tempting for college leaders to cut their costs and cross their fingers. But could bolder strategies – borrowing money or dipping into financial...

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