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Tes quiz: 20 March 2020

Pit your wits against Tes’ weekly general knowledge quiz

Tes quiz 20 March 2020
  1. Which film director, famous for the films Malcolm X, Oldboy, and BlacKkKlansman, was born on 20 March 1957?
  2. Which 2020 tournament will be held at Whistling Straits golf course?
  3. Which singer featured on the 1986 single Don’t Give Up with Peter Gabriel?
  4. Which vessel is mentioned in the title of an 1839 book by Charles Darwin, which documents his part in the ship’s second survey expedition?
  5. Also known as the Assembly of All, the Alþingi is the parliament of which Nordic country (and claims to be the longest-running parliament in the world)?
  6. What name is given to the drink that is made from five parts vodka to two parts coffee liqueur
  7. Henry Cavendish discovered which chemical element which is number one on the periodic table?
  8. The Stelvio is a model of car manufactured by which company?
  9. People in which profession might wear a zucchetto?
  10. In the sea song, how many men are there on a dead man’s chest?

































1. Spike Lee 2. The Ryder Cup 3. Kate Bush 4. HMS Beagle 5. Iceland 6. Black Russian 7. Hydrogen 8. Alfa Romeo 9. The clergy 10. Fifteen

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