Tes issue 24 April 2020

Tes - 24 April 2020

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Civil engineering courses

Constructing a course fit for industry

When employers informed Fareham College that its civil engineering apprentices were arriving on site lacking the skills to be useful, it turned the course on its head. Now, apprentices spend 20 weeks...

8 min read 24 Apr 2020
Ageism in teaching

How much of a problem is ageism in teaching?

How pervasive are pupil prejudices about older teachers in education? And how much of a problem are they for school staff? Irena Barker looks into the research, which suggests that although student...

9 min read 24 Apr 2020
Beekeeping for children

Inside a primary school beekeeping club

Karen Harper and Jacqui Cottam initially set up a small bee colony at their primary to support children who find academic subjects difficult. Today, they have six hives, three after-school bee clubs...

6 min read 24 Apr 2020
Work-life balance in education

Wellbeing: 5 ways to improve work-life balance

If leaders want to promote the wellbeing of their teachers, they need to practise what they preach and achieve a better work-life balance themselves, writes Sarah Arney. Modelling a more healthy...

7 min read 24 Apr 2020
Inclusion in schools

What do you include in inclusion?

Schools’ progress in promoting inclusion is hampered by varying definitions of the term, writes Margaret Mulholland. Leaders should work on the principle that every learner matters equally

4 min read 24 Apr 2020

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