The Tes person of the year 2020


It has been one of the hardest years in teaching that most in the profession can remember, yet stories of hope, change and creativity have still abounded. It has made our task of selecting the 10 most influential people of the year incredibly tough, so who has made the list?

The Tes person of the year 2020 and shortlist

When times get tough, we often shrink our world to consist only of those who are closest to us. There is comfort in familiarity and a security in knowing that those around you can be trusted completely. As such, when trying to pick the person of the past 12 months who has had the biggest impact on education, most people will not automatically pluck out the name of a prominent politician, renowned accountability tsar or campaigning union chief. Instead, they will look to their family, their colleagues, their own experience of what has been the toughest of years in education. When you’re on the ...

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