Tes Scotland issue 12 April 2019

Tes Scotland - 12 April 2019

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The benefits that museum trips have on pupils with SEND

Bringing the benefits of museum visits to pupils with SEND

Young people with special educational needs and disability can face huge barriers to accessing cultural experiences through school trips. Miranda Millward and Tom Procter-Legg explain how a programme in Oxford is opening up opportunities

How staff engagement improves plans

Staff engagement is vital to prevent plans going awry

In the past, school leader Nick Smith underestimated the importance of staff engagement and suffered the consequences. Now, he has a tried-and-tested method to assess the level of enthusiasm for any changes, which helps to ensure his initiatives land successfully

Brain vs body? Practical vs academic? There's need for both

Why the body is as vital as the brain when it comes to learning

The emphasis on getting children to sit still and work in silence, coupled with the pressure to timetable subjects perceived as ‘academic’ at the expense of those that require movement or hand skills, threatens the interplay between brain and body that is vital for knowledge acquisition, finds Kester Brewin