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ArcGIS Online for Schools is a free online mapping and analysis platform that is free for all UK schools. It has a vast array of high quality maps, apps, imagery and data that allow pupils to explore the world around them.

Ordnance Survey MasterMap, 1:25, 1:50 scale maps are available in 2D and 3D, plus historic maps are easily accessible.

ArcGIS Online also has great apps for fieldwork, such as Survey123, that allow pupils to plan, collect and analyse fieldwork data using their mobile phones.

As well as maps and imagery, ArcGIS Online is one of the best ways to quickly access at both demographic data at a local and global level. Apps like Community Analyst make it easy to select and visualise data at a country or census level area.

If you are into coding, ArcGIS Online also has something to offer for you. It has a dedicated developers site and you can develop apps in a variety of languages including Python.

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