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In terms of my qualifications, which are relevant to my teaching profession, I possess an A in A-Level history, a degree in Twentieth Century History, and a Masters Degree in Historical Studies. I am also a fully-qualified teacher with QTS.

I am currently teaching GCSE history to secondary school students, both KS3 and KS4. In the past I have taught A-Level history as well as GCSE English Language and Literature.

My employer recently received an Ofsted inspection, where I was observed by an inspector. The inspector's feedback was entirely positive, and he said that 'I have no development points to discuss with you'. In addition, one of my strengths is planning, and I am leading my school's implementation of the new spec GCSE history qualification - my research, resources, and planning materials are also being used by our partner school's history department, which is ranked outstanding by Ofsted.