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Class Debates aren't like traditional school debating. There are no winners or losers. There’s no need for rhetorical skill. The emphasis is on exploring a range of opinion, not settling a contest. Class Debates encourage students to think and speak critically. Because everyone gets a chance to debate, they allow all students to become more articulate, confident, and better listeners. Our guiding purpose is to help young people develop into tolerant, well-informed citizens, fully participating in democratic debate.

Since 1975, we've been sending our weekly debate resources to schools across the UK and internationally. Every Monday morning, we email subscribers a link to the latest edition of Class Debates Weekly, based on a current controversial topic in the news. Our new online archive contains topical debates spanning decades, and we’re adding more resources all the time. Sign up for a free trial to browse our archive and try out Class Debates debates in your classroom.

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