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I have been a teacher of Physics for over 25 years. I have also taught chemistry, maths and ICT.
I have mainly taught A Level physics, but I really enjoy sharing science and computing with younger pupils.
I am involved in marking for AQA GCSE and setting A level questions with Cambridge International A level.
Since the 1990s I have put my teaching materials on my, now internationally used, site:
Many of the resources I put on here were from my website. My uploaded worksheets used to have links to the interactive webpages... for worked solutions etc. so that teachers could use them and easily mark papers.
At the beginning of August 2015 I had uploaded 171 resources. They had been viewed 402,177 times. But now I have discovered that TES has removed web links from my resources so many question sheets no longer had worked solutions... sorry about that.... I have therefore removed all of the resources from here and will consider carefully how to upload in future.

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