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My name is Fons Heijnsbroek.
I am a Dutch artist, making mainly abstract paintings on canvas and paper between 1990 - 2015.

I collect sourced quotes of the famous artists in modern art - the artists, of who I love or admire their created art for many years already. It started it as a kind of self-education in art; because the artist quotes describe & explain so well the development of modern art history. To me they opened really the kitchen of modern art!

That's why I decided to place the sourced artist quotes also on TES and on Wikiquote - to share them worldwide. It is art history of everybody, I believe.
Their quotes also clarify art movements like Futurism, Cubism, Surrealism, etc.

* On you find my free photos.
* On you find images of my abstract painting art - free to download.
* On you find all collected artist-quotes: A / Z.